Shauné Lisa Hattrick

about me

Shauné Lisa Hattrick

new zealand artist shauneI am originally from Scotland but have traveled extensively and lived abroad in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand is my home. I live and work in beautiful Cable Bay near Nelson, in the South Island. My home is near the sea and I enjoy a diverse and creative lifestyle with my partner Craig, my pussycat Rangi and 3 chickens!

I trained in fine arts at Sydney Poly-tech but am largely self taught. I have been consistently painting for the past 14 years and have exhibited in several galleries in Sydney region.

My background has been 20 years in the healing arts working with trans-personal therapies, and I currently continue practicing as a professional astrologer, and have been for 35 years now.

Painting encourages me to delve into the world of my imagination and I enjoy the excitement and surprises that emerge from my unconscious.

Presently, I work in several different mediums: oil or acrylic paints on canvas and sometimes I work on paper using pastels ink and pencil and I have a lot of fun with mixed media. I love to experiment. The idea and process is experimental and spontaneously unfolds as I go along so not knowing where I am going with a painting is what I find magical and exciting.

I am inspired by the female form, people from different cultures and capturing life in shape and movement. Much of my inspiration also comes from my spiritual experiences and these paintings tend to draw the viewer inwards rather than be projected out.

Hoping that maybe my paintings can give you some of the peace and pleasure that I enjoy from the creative process.