Shauné Lisa Hattrick

Astrology Readings and Charts

astrology readings and astrology chartsShaune Lisa is available for Astrological Counselling and Astrology Readings.


An Astrology Chart is a map of the planets placements in the heavens at the time of your birth.

The Natal Astrology Chart has many layers of meaning. An in depth interpretation can reveal information about character, relationships, family, home, career, finances, health and travel. On a spiritual level – past lives, life lessons, life purpose and potential.

The Planetary Updated Chart is a valuable way to understand periods of change, growth or crises. It can also be used as a guide to help you make use of the trends that lie ahead.

To have your Astrology Chart drawn up and interpreted you will need your Birth Time, Date and Place of Birth.

For enquiries call me at (03) 539 4138 or email me with the contact form.

I am now available on Skype for Astrology Readings.  E-mail me to make an appointment.